Who is Gingersnapxoxo?

I'm an active mom who has two adorable boys and a very loving husband. Between the four of us, we are all extremely active. Our boys are both into sports (the youngest football and the oldest soccer). My husband is an avid hiker who just completed his first #52 Hike Challenge (1 hike a week for 52 weeks) and is aspiring to climb Mount Whitney this year. As for myself, I am a runner. You're most likely to find me on the pavement or a trail with headphones in trying to push myself one mile at a time. Though I do enjoy a good hike here and there with my family as well as climbing, camping and just being outdoors in nature itself.

Through running I have gained a passion for bettering myself and try to help others find their passions and push their limits. I've gained many new friends and accomplished many things I would have never believed possible.



Race Reviews

Races are my absolute favorite! 5K, 10K, 10 Milers, Half Marathons I am there! Find out more about races I have run, race advice, and opinions on local races.

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Hike Reviews

Ever been looking for a hike where you didn't know where you should go, what you should bring, or just needed advice from actual experiences? I'll be posting the good, bad and ugly from some of my favorite hikes here.

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Product Reviews

I love testing out and beating up new gear. What's not to love? Putting on the new pair of shoes for the first time... Snapping into a new pack or race belt... Trying out a new supplement or goo...

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